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Evolved. develops mental health tech that empower people and communities alike.

We also provide professional software development services for organizations, and we contribute to the development of open source technology platforms within the field

Domain Experts

Mental health tech done better

We combine beautiful design and computer science into truly usable products.

    1 “who have high ACE scores?”
    3  {
    4    "Dan": {
    5      "fullName": "Dan Doe",
    6      "aceScore": "9",
    7    }
    8    "Jane": {
    9      "fullName": "Jane Johnson",
    10      "aceScore": "4",
    11    }
    12    "Stephen": {
    13      "fullName": "Stephen Stephenson",
    14      "aceScore": "7",
    15    }
    16  }

Empowering communities line after line.

We believe in the power of communities, and we support the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) community with open source software

Inside the machine

Development with deliberate choices.

Mobile apps. Presence in the contexts and situations the users need it the most.

Platforms. Strong and cohesive platforms across smartphones, tablets, and the web

Creativity. Creativity and coffee - working hand in hand

Efficiency. Software products developed to be snappy and responsive.

Standards compliant. Stand on the shoulders of others and don't reinvent the wheel.

Privacy and security. Not as an afterthought, but baked in from the outset.

Professional Services

Hire us for your next project.


Let us help you build your next mental health Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or app to be truly usable and responsive.

  • A User Experience focus
  • Open tech means open choices
  • And APIs for all that jazz